He Likes You NOT



They say love is the best medicine. That is unless you don’t take it.

Some people spend a lot of time looking for that person who can be their one true love and then spend the rest of their lives with them. Sounds fair enough. But, there are some girls who just throw themselves at guys because they think they like them back. How bad is it to just run after a guy who you have no idea if he likes you back or not? Pretty bad.

However, this feeling is not exclusive to women; men feel it too, and it hurts their ego maybe even more.

There are those books that tell women how to make men fall for them; well they're good, but not good enough if he's already not interested in you. Thus, no matter how many books you read, he will never fall for you because simply, he doesn't see you that way.

So, girls, how do you know if he likes you? This checklist of 7 will help you solve this mysterious problem and tell you if you should really stay with this guy or if you're just wasting your time…

1. He Doesn't Make Any Effort to be Around You

Okay, just to clarify this point, there's no such thing as "I'm too busy, can't see you." Even the busiest man on earth can make time for you, if he wants.

When guys want something, they go after it no matter what. So, if he's not around you every single time you ask to see him, not even once, or making any effort to, then he simply doesn't want to go after you (aka he doesn't like you).

2. His Body Language Says He Doesn't

I'm not a body language expert, but there are some common body language signs that show if he is interested in you or not. For instance, if he's not engaging in a conversation with you, avoiding eye contact, sitting away from you and looking past you or not smiling while talking, then you don't interest him by all means.

3. He Talks about Other Women He's Interested In

If that doesn't tell you he's not interested in you, I don't know what will!
I can understand if a guy is telling you how he finds some random girl hot, that's okay. But, it's never okay if he keeps mentioning the same girl every single time he sees you, that's a clear sign he likes HER, not you dear.

4. No Difference Between You and Anyone Else

When a guy likes a girl, he automatically treats and interacts with her in a special and different way. At least, he will not treat her like his other girlfriends cause she's just… special.

 He will give you more attention than he gives others, and you will notice.

5. You Always Contact Him First

It's not normal that you're the one who always calls or texts him first. You should give him his turn to do that too, at least to know if he's interested or not. He doesn't necessarily have to talk to you because he wants to see you, he can simply talk to you because he enjoys getting engaged in a conversation with you.

Just as girls get butterflies when they talk to their crush, guys experience the same thing.

6. He Doesn't Care About Your Relationship with Your Guy-friends

 No matter how your guy isn't the "jealous" type, he will always want to be your priority, if he likes you.

For instance, you're talking to him about some guy you know and he doesn't ask you who is he; then it's not really a good sign. If he is interested in you, he will care to know about the other guys you hang out with.

7. He Calls You Only When He's Bored

If he is doing that, you have to seriously MOVE ON.

This kind of guy is always busy when you call him or ask him to hang out, but suddenly when he has no plans; you're the first one on his speed dial. Seriously, it's never okay to accept that on yourself.

Why? Because he's simply ignoring and disrespecting you. He only calls you when he's free and bored and has no one else to hang out with, which means you're only a second, if not tenth, option for him.   


Bottom line is, try to get yourself out of this once you feel he's not interested in you because if he can't value you, someone else out there definitely can.

By: YWG Team