Wedding Etiquette


Wedding Etiquette

We’ve all wondered at least once what the rules at weddings are. Are you afraid of looking silly at a wedding? Wondering how you should dress or behave? Here are some answers to all your questions about dress codes, timings, and much more. 

For the Bride & Groom

Bride and Groom Etiquette

Do invite your guests’ partner. If one of your guests is in a long-term relationship, do invite their partner even though they’re not married. Whether you choose to add their name to your guest’s invitation or send them an invitation, it doesn’t matter. Needless to say, engaged and married guests always get a plus one for their partners.

Don’t invite someone to your bachelorette party, or Henna, if you don’t plan on inviting her to the wedding. It would look like they were nice enough to come celebrate with you, maybe even get you a gift, but not nice enough to attend the wedding. Your Bachelorette party is supposed to be a celebration with your closest friends and relatives, so everyone there should be on the wedding guest list.

Do feed your vendors. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a tired DJ or a tired photographer. These people are helping in making your day perfect, so include them in your budget. Plan on feeding any professional who will be there at the wedding including the wedding planner, photographer, videographer etc. and include their assistants as well. Just note that they will work six hours or more on your wedding day, you don’t want them to start losing their energy just as the party is getting started.

Don’t keep the guests waiting. Go over the day of the wedding timeline a few times to make sure you have enough time to get ready. You don’t want your guests to arrive when you’re still in your robe and sans makeup.


Do make sure you personally greet every guest at your wedding. Take time after dinner to go around with your husband and greet everyone, introduce him to your relatives and friends if you haven’t already and have him do the same. Also, make an effort to have a short conversation with everyone and don’t get held at a table for too long. Your guests will appreciate the gesture.


For guests

Guests Etiquette

Don’t bring your own plus one if your invitation didn’t clearly state that you’re allowed a guest. It is rude and embarrassing, both for your guest and the bride and groom.


Don’t forget to confirm or decline the invitation. It’s perfectly fine to take your time before deciding if you’ll be able to attend or not. However, do not forget to tell the bride and groom your reply. They need to have a clear head-count before the big day.


Do sign the guest book. It may seem trivial to you but for most couples, the wedding is blur. They want to remember their guests and the happiness that surrounded them.


Don’t assume kids are welcomed. Couples refrain from stating, “kids are not allowed” on their invitation because it is offensive. If you’re not sure whether your kids are invited or not, ask someone close to the couple.


Do arrive on time. Even though most brides are late, she is usually never late on purpose. Making an entrance after the bride is usually detestable; you should make an effort to arrive on time. Plan ahead so traffic and parking spot etc don’t make you late.


Do dress appropriately. For some odd reason, people (especially guys) think it is okay (maybe even cool) to attend a wedding dressed casually. If you’re invited to a beach wedding, maybe you can be more casual with your attire but if it’s a formal affair, please leave the jeans, sneakers and anything you can wear to a club at home. A suit is always right. For girls, please refrain from wearing white to a wedding unless the bride approves. It is un-preferable for a guest to walk in and be mistaken for the bride.


Don’t post pictures online unless the couple gives permission. Just because you’re ecstatic that your friend is getting married doesn’t mean they want their pictures all over the web. Most couples nowadays state clearly whether you should post their pictures or not, respect their decision. If they don’t, ask them after the wedding is over.


Whether you’re a relative, a family friend, or the best man, make sure you’re on your best behavior at a wedding. Being a good guest is always appreciated.


By: YWG Team