New year's resolution for every bride

We all promise ourselves that this year we will be healthier, thinner, happier, etc… Every single year we make a new year’s resolution that ends up to be the remnants of the next year. But when you’re a bride, things are different. You have so much to do already so you might as well make a new year’s resolution that will help you finish all those things… AND STICK TO IT! Here are 5 resolutions that every bride should stick to.


Get to know your “other” family more

So you’ve lived your whole life with one mom, one dad and your siblings (if any)… and then guess what? Everyone all of a suddenly doubles. You now have a mother in law, a father law and god knows how many siblings you now have. It is really hard to grasp, but they now are your family too. And in Egypt, it’s two families getting married not two individuals, unfortunately. However, on the bright side, the bigger, the merrier. Get to know each member of the other family like your own (because they are in fact your own). You now have to get two gifts on mother’s day. But that’s okay, because you will most definitely get tons of things in return. And the first you will be getting is unconditional love and affection, twice as much.


Get to know your significant other more

You’re probably thinking, “I’m getting married, of course I know my significant other… that’s why we’re getting married in the first place,” but at this specific time, you tend to drift apart without you realizing it. Amidst all the wedding planning, wedding shopping and all the wedding what-so-over, you forget your significant other. It’s okay to admit it, because as a matter of fact, you forget yourself as well. You forget that you’re a human being and not just a robot competing on having the best wedding in town. You need to remind yourself that you’re not on a treadmill and that you’re not marrying your centerpieces. Spend some quality time together. Do the things you never thought you’d do. That silly action movie that doesn’t seem to have a plot…watch it if it is his favorite!  You can even start working out together and make the same routine. There are so many things to do that aren’t shopping at Ikea.


Make your bridesmaids feel important

This is the exact time when all your best friends start questioning your priorities. Are you making them your least priorities? How dare you? The fights will be almost inevitable. But you might as well just reduce them a little with some care on your behalf, will you? It shouldn’t really be hard because after all these are your best friends. Never forget that.



Although you might feel that now is the time when you go on fancy dates wearing fancy dresses, it’s always okay to just order pizza instead. Tastier yet more efficient! Stop getting each other too expensive gifts, you won their hearts already (supposedly). And basically, stop wasting money!!


Get fit and healthy

You have to diet but do not overdo it. It’s a combination of being fit yet staying healthy. You don’t want to be anorexic on your wedding and you don’t want to be unfit either. Cardio is the key to this combination. You will lose so much weight and you will no longer have to breathe heavily like a 90 year old every time you run up the stairs. You have to be able to balance. Anyone who tells you to cut carbs entirely or cut proteins entirely can go starve themselves to death. Actually, you can eat whatever you want but moderately. Just stick to a healthy diet and exercise, always.