Amal Arafat from the man behind Kim Kardashian's face to Cairo Wedding Festival

Everyone is becoming a makeup artist now, right? But what makes a makeup artist really credible? Believe it or not, makeup artists can now have certifications that give them even more credibility. Because a face should be the most beautiful painting and not a palette of colors, makeup artist Amal Arafat has learnt from the best and is participating in Cairo Wedding Festival to show it off. Arafat is certified by the man himself Mario Dedivanovic.



In case you have been hibernating for the past couple of years and don’t know who Mario Dedivanovic is, he’s the artist behind Kim Kardashian’s face and the man who made “contouring like a Kardashian” a thing. So chances are you know contouring because of him.

“Mario has created my signature glam look and my love for makeup is inspired by him! Mario has taught me every makeup trick I know and use until this day!”
– Kim Kardashian West



Other than the Kardashians, his clients include Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry. Having started the contour trend, Dedivanovic calls it “a diet for the face”. After having millions of followers on Instagram, he now hosts his masterclass sessions and thousands of people from all over the world go to learn from his expertise.



Arafat’s talent has grown enormously after going to Dedivanovic’s classes and obtaining a certificate for her expertise. She’s now prominent makeup artist that knows the best tricks.

Here are the best tricks to Mario’s guide to contouring:

  1. Apply Base
  2. Pick the contouring product that’s best for your skin tone (his favorites are My favourites are by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford)
  3. Contour the cheeks
  4. Define your features
  5. Highlight
  6. Finish with a flush


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