Zodiac of the Month: Capricorn (December 22 – January 21)


Capricorn portrait

Capricorn (♑) is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac and ruled by the planet Saturn. It is the third and last of the earth signs; while the other two are Taurus and Virgo.

Capricorn's symbol is a goat, which portrays intelligence, ambition, determination, curiosity but also steadiness. It is also known for having the ability to thrive in inhospitable environments.

Knowing their capabilities, Capricorns are known for their great independence, and they barely trust others to finish their work because they just like to get it done themselves.

  • Strengths:
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  • Capricorn with Family and Friends
    The intelligence and humor of a Capricorn make him/her a great friend. From them, when it comes to family and friends, there are no limits. They love spending time with their family and friends and always respect family traditions. The distrusting Capricorn doesn't have a number of friends, only a few whom he/she really trusts. A Capricorn usually expresses his/her feelings through actions.

  • Capricorn and Business:
    Capricorn's leadership and ambitiousness make them achieve exactly what they want because they jump through hoops if they have a goal. A Capricorn makes a great organizer and a punctual employee. Not to mention their creativeness and management skills. Because they have a vision on the long run and what will make them benefit in the future, Capricorns make wise and good investors.
  • Capricorn In Love
    Capricorns are trustworthy and caring; even though they don't believe in showing their emotions. They are usually in control of their approach to love. Because they are always quiet, as they analyze people around them, people perceive them as selfish and malignant. Yet, they may not be so frank when it comes to talking about how they really feel. Also, you may find them conservative on the outside, but when they open up, you will find a very interesting, intellectual and funny person.

Capricorn Woman

  • The Capricorn Woman
    The Capricorn woman gets attracted to those with patience and a good sense of humor. She needs to feel comfortable with her partner, and that is not easy. She also gets attracted to interesting and intelligent men. Having the nature of a leader and a dictator, the Capricorn woman usually makes the dominant one in the relationship.

    In the beginning of a relationship, you might find the Capricorn woman shy and guarded because she is basically analyzing you before getting committed. That's because she doesn't like wasting her time into someone she is not really sure about.

    Being the leader in the relationship, the Capricorn woman will lead it in the right direction because she is practical and smart. She will give you a loyal, long lasting and real relationship that will make you more than happy.

Capricorn Man

  • The Capricorn Man
    The Capricorn man is not emotional on the outside; however, he is very physical and passionate. Being a distrusting Capricorn, he admits his feelings after a very long time. If you show him that you are really into him through your actions, you will earn his trust.

    The Capricorn man is very loyal; he might be the most loyal of all the other zodiac signs. Even though he's not emotional on the outside, he is very romantic underneath this tough face he always shows to people. He only shows his romantic side to his one true love.

    The Capricorn man is cold and distant in the beginning of a relationship, but once you win his heart, all of this will change. He usually gets attracted to smart and funny women. Also, the Capricorn man looks for that woman who is similarly career enthusiast and be supportive until he achieves his ambitions.
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