2017 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends can be quite tricky because of the many regrets that could follow a few years down the road. Whether it is the colour scheme, the dress or the accessory choices, many brides who follow trends on their wedding day can attest to regretting some of their decisions. However, they also guarantee that it made it even the more special because it’s reflection of the time, just like listening to your favourite song from high school and reminiscing. 

Trend related mistakes can always be avoided by mixing some of your favourite trends of the year with a traditional elegant touch and your own personal flavour.  So here are our favourite trends of the year:



Bold Colours

Neutrals are great for weddings because they’re timeless and elegant; but, they can also be boring. This year is all about adding a splash of colour, maybe a bit of greenery or metallics. Still, if you don’t want to do something over the top, you’d be happy to know that pink, and especially blush rose, is the “it” colour of the year.



The colour Pantone announced for this year, after extensive research on global economy and society, to inspire hope and courage. And this doesn’t only imply on outdoor weddings. Green can be used in linens, floral arrangements with fewer flowers and more leaves, props, and more. Trees of all kinds have been of interest as well, dwarf to giant and citrus to olive.


Look Up

Other than using less floral and using more props and patterns this year, many couples and wedding planners are taking advantage of the space above guest tables and using different options to highlight it. Imagine hanging centrepieces and lightning patterns, such as low hanging strings, string lights, bulbs, chandeliers of various shapes and sizes.



Instead of just relying on traditional entertainment, couples are starting to put on a show of their own by showcasing their talents. Some live up the place by dancing, singing or even by doing magic tricks, while others show their artistic or tech skills. If entertaining the guests yourselves isn’t for you, confetti and fog machines can also do the trick.


Tech Savvy

For a more modern and personalized ceremony, couples are finding new ways to incorporate technology into their wedding. By taking advantage of custom snapshat, geofilters, 3D printing, live-streaming, projected fireworks and 3D flying or floating objects, couples can make their wedding more unique and memorable.


Pre-Wedding Films

Instead of the cliché wedding video with pictures of the couple since childhood, pre-wedding and engagement films are the current favourite to display at the ceremony or keep private for the couple and integrate it in the wedding ceremony video. Photographers can provide different options for the couples to choose from. Some focus on the love story and the couple while others opt for a more fun film like video with a plot or a music video.


Feeling Charitable

As it’s a tough time globally, the focus has shifted from receiving to giving. This trend is slowly making its way as more couples are choosing to make donations instead of spending large amounts of money on their wedding.


By: Allaa Farrag