5 Relationship experiences you should go through before getting married

You’re in love, so in love that you’re sure the person you are with is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, so what’s next? Before taking the final step, the big one, you need to be certain of what kind of person you are marrying and that they can stick with you through thick and thin.

One that account, here are 5 things you should go through together before tying the knot:


1. Share a Responsibility

Something bigger than you’re used to; it could be babysitting for a day, taking care of family member in need, a pet, or finances. You’ll be able to learn how to work together and can trust one another when responsibilities are split after marriage.


2. A Life Change

Whether it is career or family related or something else entirely, going through a big life change together is a great way to figure out how and if you can support one another.


3. Fight

A big fight or a serious disagreement and pull through it. No one likes fighting, but realizing that you can get past the different point of views and are able to move forward is essential. It’ll prepare you for disagreements to come and you’ll know how to make up.


4. Travel

You may have taken a day trip or spent a weekend together but travelling together for a week or more, whether alone or with friends or family, will show you new and different sides of each other. It is good for your relationship as you’ll learn a lot about your partner, from planning the trip to running into unexpected situations during.


5. Find a New Hobby Together

Get out of your comfort zones and choose a hobby, an activity or sport that you’ve never tried and discover it together. This is a great way to show you how your s.o. copes with unfamiliar situations, as you see how he/she reacts to learning something new.


By: Allaa Farrag