6 Reasons to Have an Engagement Shoot

“Should I do a pre-wedding shoot or are wedding photos enough?” is a question many brides ask themselves. Engagement shoots could be quite costly, so why spend extra on a photo shoot when you already have pictures with your partner and will have professionally taken ones on your wedding day?

Here are six reasons why you should:


1. Practice

If you and your fiancé are camera shy, there’s nothing better to prep you for the big day than an engagement shoot. You’ll get a feel of what it’ll be like on the big day and you’ll figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Because you know, practice makes perfect and all that.



A pre-wedding shoot is a great opportunity to try out your wedding team before the big day. Not just your photographer, but also your make-up artist and hair stylist. You’ll get to see how you look in professional photographs and be able to guide your team if any adjustments are needed for your wedding.


3. Get Familiar

You probably met your wedding team once or twice; but, an engagement shoot is a chance to get to know your team and become more comfortable with them. You’ll share ideas and they’ll get a better idea of what you’d like on your wedding day. Especially your photographer, who’ll get to know you and your partner better to be able to tell your story through photographs; it will also help to figure out the best and most flattering angles for you before the big day.


4. Great Pictures

Having nicely taken professional photos in a different location(s) together will be memorable and a fun experience. You’ll have great photographs of you and your partner, other than your wedding photos of course, and they will definitely look better than those taken by you or your friends.


5. They’re Useful

You’ll have different pictures for various uses. Think wedding invitations, wedding decor, reception slideshow, guest book, wedding storybook and social media. The options are endless!


6. You Time

With wedding planning, work and life getting in the way of time together, an engagement shoot is the perfect excuse to spend fun and romantic time with your fiancé. You’ll get to focus on yourselves and forget the stress.


BY: Allaa Farrag