5 Engagement Shoot Tips

Now that we’ve established why every couple needs to get an engagement / pre-wedding shoot, here are some tips to help you through it. E-sessions can be nerve-racking, from the theme to what to wear and how to pose, so we are here for the rescue.



Before anything, research photographers and check out their previous work. Look at the photographer’s style and eye, does it match you and your partner’s aesthetic? Can this photographer tell your story or give you what you want? Then, schedule an interview with the photographer before the shoot to discuss your likes and dislikes and don’t forget to ask for suggestions too. Same goes for your make-up artist and hair stylist.

It’s a bonus if you end up loving the photos, as you can book the same photographer for the wedding and you’ll feel at ease because you trust the photographs will turn out great.



Before searching for pretty or extravagant locations, really think about what kind of couple you are. Do you both love fashion or foodies? Are you adventurous or beach lovers? Maybe you prefer the indoors. You should be comfortable during the shoot so opt for somewhere you know won’t make you suffer because it will show in the photos. You can also pick a place which is memorable for you, like where you first met or a place you frequent. Focus on what you like.



Take your time and choose your outfits wisely. Coordinate and make sure your outfits don’t clash. That doesn’t mean you need to wear matching outfits and you can never go wrong with solid and neutral colours. Keep jewellery to a minimum, make sure the outfits are a good fit and know what suits you without blindly following fashion. If you still can’t decide on what to wear, don’t hesitate to ask for help or to consider a stylist.


Strike a Pose!

It’s normal to feel nervous in front of the camera. We’re not models and we have our insecurities, so don’t worry about being awkward, your photographer doesn’t expect you to know how to pose and will be willing to help you out. It’s cliché but be yourself, be as natural as possible. Most importantly, don’t try to copy a pose you might be uncomfortable with, you might end up looking like you are in pain or dreading the whole thing.


Don’t Overthink & Have Fun!

Don’t try to be too unique or get carried away by following a trend. Be yourselves and have fun! Only then will it be unique. Moreover, you don’t want to remember the stress and hassle whenever you look at your engagement photos. So relax and enjoy yourselves and it will show.


By: Allaa Farrag