How to know your wedding diet is taking over your relationship

Let’s just admit that you are not really the most fun person when you’re on diet. Diets make you hungry. Hunger makes you angry and mad and well, a bridezilla! Although we completely understand that you want to be in your best shape in your big day, but don’t let that come in you and your partner’s way. Adjust, moderate and compromise. If you let your bridal bootcamp slip and creep into taking over your relationship, just take a deep breath and take it easy. But first, here are 5 early signs to know how your diet is getting out of control.


1. You don’t see the bigger picture

All you can imagine is you in that gorgeous wedding dress looking so fine. But you don’t get past that image. What about when you’re married already? Are you going to eat your heart out once that day is done? Or are you going to make it a lifestyle but make your life miserable as well?


2. You are not having fun

You say “no” to your partner quite often whenever he asks you to go to that amazing restaurant but your heart is screaming, “Please take me there!” Don’t be a party-pooper. Your engagement should be a blissful phase that will never be replaced again. Besides, don’t try to convince yourself that you will maintain your diet on your honeymoon, because you’ll simply miss out on a lot. And you’ll be a drag.

3. You are unhealthy

Of course this is the biggest sign that flashes out what you’re doing is dead wrong. If you begin feeling constantly dizzy, nauseous or weak in general, you’re doing it wrong! Diets should make you healthy physically and mentally.


4. You don’t see your friends that often

So it’s basically home, work, gym and going out with your fiancé only, right? WRONG. Don’t miss out on all the birthdays and social gatherings just because you’re afraid you’ll ruin your diet.

5. It affects your mood

Not just that you argue with your partner on where to eat and miss out all the birthdays and social gatherings. But you are always in a bad mood in general. Beware of becoming a bridezilla, because food really does make you happier. So every once in a while, you can always do cheat meals because you will be also boosting your metabolism.