Tips Every Bride-to-Be Needs to Know

Everyone knows that wedding planning can be quite stressful, so here to help is a list of the best wedding tips gathered from previous brides for all you recently engaged girls and even just future brides to be since it’s never too early to start planning:


The Planning

  • Don’t stress yourselves. It’s your wedding, whatever you two want, that’s what you do.
  • Make a timeline. So you won’t forget anything or keep some things for last minute and that way planning will quickly pass you by.
  • Even if it’s fun to D.I.Y or self plan your wedding, it is always best to hire someone to help you (unless you’re having a really small intimate wedding). Even an on-the-day planner would help because you don’t want to be thinking the wedding details throughout the day.
  • Get a good wedding planner who you can trust will get everything done for you on the day.
  • Book your suppliers early because the really good ones are already taken or booked months to two years in advance.
  • Consider e-invites.
  • Pick your photographer based on your personalities. Based on what you want captured, find out what the photographer is known for and style.
  • It’s not just your wedding day but also his, so don’t forget to involve your fiancé in the decision making. It could be a mini teamwork practice for when you’re actually married.
  • Allow people to help you and don’t be shy to ask. Be it family, friends, bridesmaids…etc; especially if they offered, because when they tell you “let us know if you need anything” they actually mean it and are waiting without being overbearing. You might want to do everything on your own because you prefer it that way but time will run out and at some point it’ll be too much for you. So write everything you need done early on, figure out who can do what best based on their strengths and follow up with them nicely because they are not professional planners.
  • Approach your wedding planning with a sense of gratefulness. When you start with this mindset, you’ll be able to appreciate the big and small things in the process. From how you and your partner are able to work as a team and the help you’ll receive from loved ones to the time and effort of those you hire and God’s support through it all. When you look at everything with grateful eyes and hearts, you won’t feel the need to complain or stress (at least not as much) because every little thing will feel like a gift.


On The Day

  • Eat before the ceremony starts because chances are you won’t be able to eat at the reception because of excitement, anxiousness and even program. You can have an amazing buffet and not be able to really enjoy it.
  • Serve appetizers/finger food and drinks before the ceremony especially if the ceremony will be starting later than mentioned, to avoid having the guests wait for too long before they can eat.
  • Remember that it’s not about the wedding but the marriage. Yes we want everything to be perfect; but after all the planning and hard work, on the big day just relax and enjoy the beginning of your forever.
  • On the day keep reminding yourself that it’s actually happening and let it sink in because it flies by.
  • Remember that a stressed bride does not equal a pretty bride, so let go and enjoy your day.
  • Every bride wishes that her wedding day would go perfectly. But even if the big day isn’t perfect, remember that it’s already perfect because you’re marrying the perfect man for you and the love of your life. So cherish every moment.

By: Allaa Farrag