7 Skills & Traits for a Successful Relationship

You might already have some, if not all, of these traits or skills. Now you need to implement them in your relationship in order to maintain a long-lasting, successful, happy and loving relationship.



This is an obvious one but necessary to mention; because everyone has his/her own definition of Love and views it differently. You must have enough love for yourself first and then others. You can’t truly love someone if you don’t love yourself. Love yourself and know your worth; then, love everyone else and not just your significant other. Fill your heart with love and kindness.

Moreover, it is important to remember love is more than just a feeling; it is commitment, responsibility, respect, behaviour, action, support, and so much more. Love as a feeling is never enough for a relationship to last.



To be loyal to a person is to commit. Loyalty became missing in many relationships nowadays and people forgot its’ meaning. The reason why marriages lasted before was because couples were committed to one another, they didn’t run away when things got tough. When things broke, they fixed it; they didn’t throw it away or simply replaced it. When someone is loyal to you, and you to them, you would be able to trust that neither of you is going anywhere no matter how hard it gets.


Patience & Understanding

No one is perfect. And, you won’t always be happy in a relationship, there will be bad days. So, be patient, have empathy and try to understand your partner’s point of view. If it’s hard for you, know that it must not be easy for your partner either. So, make an effort to see things from your partner’s perspective and ask your partner to do the same for you.



We’ve all heard it before; the key to any successful relationship is communication. Listen, don’t interrupt, ask, reflect, and don’t jump into conclusions. Listen, not because one is right and the other is wrong; but because both your reasons are valid. Talk as well, about the good and the bad. Be honest and open, be respectful and build trust.



After communication, comes negotiation. When you’re able to negotiate well there will be no room for manipulation or sacrifice, which means there will be no resentment. Negotiate and find a solution you can both get behind and implement.



Not the type some of you are thinking about, not control over your partner, that’s possessiveness. But, control over your emotions. Each of you is responsible for keeping their emotions and temper in check. Stay calm or ask for time out, don’t say or do something in a moment of anger that you might regret later or cause the relationship more damage.


“We” not “I”

When you’re in a relationship or a marriage, you are no longer just you and “I” becomes “We”. Any individual need, choice, decision, or action will impact both of you, not you alone anymore. You can’t be in a relationship and single at the same time. You can’t think selfishly without regard for your partner. Keeping a “we” mentality will help a couple create a sense of oneness and reduce problems.


By: Allaa Farrag