10 Creative Wedding Giveaways Ideas


Wedding Mini Treats Bar

On your big day, you should show your guests appreciation and gratitude that they attended your wedding by giving away small yet unique presents. However, you don't want to spend a huge amount of money on top of all other wedding expenses. So, instead of spending lots of money for buying things that your guests might end up throwing away, you can do yourself some creative giveaways that your guests will love and will never forget.

Here are 10 ideas for amazing wedding giveaways you can make yourself and that your guests will really want.

1. Bottle Opener

Key Bottle Opener


2. Candies in Mini Buckets

Candies in Mini Buckets


3. Mini Juice Bottles

Mini Juice Bottles


4. Cookie Bar

Cookie Bar


5. Simple Succulents

simple succulents


6. Take Home Baked Goods

take home baked goodies


7. Candles



8. Handmade Wedding Glasses

handmade wedding glasses


9. Creative and Simple Mocha Tubes

wedding mocha tubes


10. Custom Fortune Cookies

colored fortune cookies



By: YWG Team