Now this should be our REAL couple goals

Supposedly, opposite attracts. But sometimes the opposite is true as well. A Japanese couple, Mr. and Mrs. Pon have proved to the world that love has no age... and so does matching clothes. The 60 year old couple known as @bonpon511 who has 365k followers on Instagram, share several photos a week, showing off their perfectly coordinated ensembles. 

After 37 years of marriage, the couple began matching clothes as they began to have matching greying hair. "Since we both have gray hair, we thought it’d be funny to match our fashion styles, so we started wearing clothes of the same color and patterns," Mrs. Pon tells BuzzFeed. "When I was young, I found matching styles embarrassing, but at this age, I no longer feel ashamed."

Check out a few photos of the couple's matching outfits, below.