X Filmmakers The Storytellers For Your Wedding

Behind every event is a unique story and it takes only a very sharp eye to capture and unfold it. Being the great storytellers they are, X Film Makers have filming as an extra perfected skill that lets them narrate people’s lives in the most beautiful way.  So don't miss the chance to meet them in Cairo Wedding Festival at The Clubhouse, Uptown Cairo on the 21st of April.



In essence, X Film Makers is a group of professionals with various expertises and on top of it the talented videographers Islam  Fekry and Abdullah. Driven by their passion, they like to challenge themselves, travel to new places, and try different approaches. Accordingly, with their professional team and high-end equipment, creativity comes easy.


On your special day, X Film Makers will definitely reflect your personality and tell your story. They will first get to know you, start chatting with you about your vision of your special day, so when they capture the moment  with their excellent music selections, editing skills and footage quality, you will end up with a cinematic better than you even imagined.



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