Cairo Wedding Festival Season 2: What an unforgettable day!

The long-awaited luxury event has finally thrived to become an even more successful, greater and grander season. Cairo Wedding Festival Season 2 did indeed attain all the wedding goals for brides and grooms-to-be in the most luxurious way at Uptown Cairo on Friday the 21st of April. It was truly a day to remember.



From the best wedding vendors who showcased their topnotch products and services, the live entertainment and the enticing catering, CWF was filled with happy couples exploring our various booths that were each beautifully and uniquely decorated. CWF had the top wedding vendors from makeup artists, hairstylists, to florists, wedding photographers, wedding planners, honeymoon planners, hotel venues and much more! All the brides interacted with the finest exhibitors in the wedding industry and also enjoyed the festive atmosphere that added joy and excitement to the event.

As our guests mingled and enjoyed CWF, everyone rushed abruptly as the entertainers began to take over the stage with their outstanding performances. The whole place livened up with the most positive and exciting vibes while the latest and hottest beats played. Afterwards, the one and only Ahmed Essam bedazzled the audience with his extravagant firework show that blew everyone’s mind.



The epitome of our day was when the marvelous fashion and jewellery shows presented by Amira Quzamel, Raghda Hilal, Bridal Veil, and Botros Jewellery lit up the catwalk by the latest and most elegant trends. The night was coming to an end but we still had a few surprises in store for our lovely guests from the beautiful superstar celebrities who joined CWF and were awarded.



In the end, the lavish day was filled with perfect details and packaged behind the most diligent and dedicated team who ensured nothing went wrong.