Ready for Marriage? See If You Pass These 5 Tests First

Do you feel that you’re jumping into a marriage? Well, that feeling alone is a sign! And you shouldn’t be ignoring the signs by that phase. However, if you’re playing dumb and not reading the signs, here are 5 tests that you should pass so you could step into that marriage reassured.



1. You’re past the girlfriend/boyfriend phase

As much as we all love that phase and how crucial it is, you have to take it to the next level. And it should only come naturally.


2. Independence

You should be a grown up and act like one. Not only you should feel more mature, but you should be a mature adult because your age says so. Studies suggest that your brain isn’t fully developed until you’re 25. By that time, you should have travelled at least once alone in your life and experienced living alone for a while and being independent.


3.You’ve embraced your differences

If you’re hoping that marriage will eventually change your partner, well, think again. Either accept them the way they are or leave them.


4. Yet share the same goal

All your goals in life should be right out in front of the table. You want to pursue that job in your favorite city? Does he even know and agree? You have to be able to envision yourself with your partner throughout all your goals and share them equally.


5. Honesty and comfort

You can speak right about anything in this world without feeling embarrassed. In fact, you should also plan everything before you get married. You don’t want kids? Well, now is the right time to tell him. And vice versa, if you do want kids, you should settle on a number since nothing is more successful than Planned Parenthood. Money also shouldn’t really be a taboo between both of you. Although you’re both financially independent, you should share everything even your own money.