How to Embrace Your Differences

You know that meme of a kid all dressed up with pizza prints all over his shirt, bag and hat because their crush said they like pizza? Well, that doesn’t always work kiddo because as a matter of fact, opposite attracts. So while you’re busy looking for that guy who shares with you all your interests, you might find solace in that guy who teaches you about all the stuff you didn’t know. However, you shouldn’t teach your partners all your differences as well, and you certainly should never try to change. But embrace your differences and respect them; here is how.


1. Personal space

Personal space. Personal space. Personal space. You can be a match made in heaven, but you need to understand that you are not the same person. You’re individuals with different interests and hobbies. The world won’t shatter if he went for a run and you did yoga, he went watching the soccer match with his pals while you went out shopping with your girls, or even he went to that Star Wars movie while you watch 50 First Dates for the 100th time. Never force yourself to do something you don’t like or force him to do something he doesn’t.


2. Compliment not criticize

You know that he just loves to watch those action movies or play those games you think stupid. Never ever tell him you think they’re stupid, though. You don’t have to criticize everything you don’t like. If you look at it the other way round, you wouldn’t really appreciate it if they hated on your countless Instagram poses. Besides, he wouuldn't even stop loving the thing he does when you criticize them, so why don't you just leave him be?


3. Listen

Despite your differences, you should listen to each other. Let him teach you all the things you didn’t know. Explore his foreign world and befriend it but don’t rule it or try to change it because it’s not yours to rule.