Easy Recipes for Newlyweds in Ramadan

The kitchen can be your deepest passion or your darkest nightmare. As newlyweds, damn right everyone will be waiting to check if you can really cook or not. Moreover, there will be no better occasion to test your expertise other than Ramadan, when everyone has been fasting all day and are impatiently waiting to activate their taste buds. So not to put any pressure on you, you will be, in essence, responsible for the lives of others. This is when you should be either having the bring-it-on attitude or wallowing in your own sweat. But rejoice! We’re here to help. Here are some easy recipes you should cook in Ramadan.


Atayef with Cheese


Egyptian Baklava aka Rokak






Chicken Creamy Soup


Mushroom and Sum1mer Squash Frittata


Watermalon with Cheese


Watermalon Juice


Stuffed Dates


Atayef with Nutella