7 Guys Every Woman has Probably Dated



So, a few days ago I wrote a post called The Woman Peeves, which was all about the things that men hate the most about the opposite sex. Now, a few ladies got rather insulted offended by that post, which was not intended at all (white flag). However, no worries ladies, I'm dishing the dirt on the gents now! So, basically, we as women have experienced all types of men and those incredibly irritating habits they come with as a package. He could be your friend, boyfriend, fiancée, husband, brother or even your average coworker colleague. But, at the end of the day, they do at least one thing that just hits a nerve.

The amount of responses I got for this topic was actually double the results I got from the men. The different stories and issues made me think; no wonder why we all have considered the phrase "I might as well be a lesbian" at some point (guilty as charged). The responses shared a communal agreement; however, women took their time to carefully think about it. So, without further ado, I present to you the seven types of guys every woman has probably dated. Ladies, here are the man peeves!

1. The Emotional Caveman

So, I think pretty much every man is guilty of this one at some point in his life. The emotionally PRIMITIVE idea that a man has to remain cold in a situation that may require even an ounce of feeling occurs a little too often. The fear of putting your emotions on a pedestal even for one second results in cowering behind the famous phrase "I don't care". This all comes from the ridiculous male perspective that if you show a soft side "you need to man the hell up bro"…uh no! Emotional expression isn't just for the "gay poets" and "mama boys" you know! And it doesn't help the manly image because it just gives off the impression of insecurity (aka BACKFIRE!).


2. The Macho Man

Most of you guys at a certain stage in your life have attempted being the Macho Man. You walk arrogantly like you own the place, thinking you're the biggest bad boy in town, and that would impress any woman (boy were you wrong!). The fatal and humorous attempts of making yourselves look like another Sylvester Stallone will attract all the wrong kinds of people and, quite honestly, does not make you look so great (douchebag alert!).

3. The Couch Potato

Men, admit it, you are lazy. For you, nothing is better than sitting on your butts with a bag of chips on your right and a video game/remote control in your hands. You love anything that is convenient to you, and if it were in your hands, it would stay that way. That lazy lifestyle leads to not wanting to think a lot about things like where you should go out for dinner and the lack of interest in anything vital that requires more effort than you are willing to put in. Cutting it short, get off your butts!

4. The Avoider

One of the worst phrases he dreads is "we need to talk". The second that phrase or anything remotely close to it is said, we can hear the loud echo of the backdoor! Yep, guys... you pretty much despise confrontation in any form, and try to avoid any kind of conversation that does NOT involve Assassins Creed or ordering KFC. If he's already "stuck" in the conversation, he WILL find a way out so he can run to his nearest buddy's house, switch off his phone and hide for the night (and he knows it's not worth it).

5. The Egoistical Maniac

Almost every guy has gone through a point where he was/still is figuring out the difference between pride and ego (HUGE DIFFERENCE FELLAS!). See, being the big strong man who walks with your chest pumped out and your ego literally OOZING out does not concern us the slightest bit. Don't make the huge mistake of thinking that acting like the cats pajamas is going to wind you up anywhere but looking like a complete power tool and a permanent ticket to singleville (I say that in the nicest way, I really do).

6. The Underestimator

If we make a valid point, to him, it's not. One of the most frustrating parts of dealing with men is the lack of concern towards anything that escapes our lips. Whether it is something small or big, the fact that it comes out of us makes it a topic, which their brains automatically press delete for, just as the conversation ends. While we feel like the conversation was a success, his mind has merely gone into hibernate mode throughout the conversation. To you men, anything that is said by a woman is either illogical or irrational…unless it's about ordering you food, then she becomes your best friend!

7. The Oblivious Guesser

Almost all of you men are guilty of this one AT LEAST once; taking a big stab in the dark by guessing things you are not absolutely sure of (danger zone guys). If you have no other logical explanation for something she says or does, you automatically make a guess of what it could POSSIBLY be (Regret level? Pretty much -1000000). You will put yourself in the no man's land with phrases like "are you PMSing?" "Are you trying to fight with me?" and the typical "Why are you making such a big deal?" that will simply infuriate us more. As the saying goes 'Wild guessing will get you in trouble' and that is indefinite if we have anything to do with it. No need to wonder why the Xbox went out of the window boys!

Now, as much as you guys get yourselves into trouble with the clueless and sometimes idiotic things you say, we still love you… But, it does not mean that sometimes we don't just want to put you on a sofa night for ETERNITY.

By: YWG Team