10 Things You Shouldn't Do on Your First Date

By: Noha Farid


First date

On the first date, girls are usually more nervous than guys are. They want to look and act at their best while still not looking desperate. However, because you are too excited to go out with this guy you really wanted to date, you may commit some mistakes that can really turn him off.

Don't worry, you're not the only girl who does these mistakes, we all do. But, what are these mistakes anyway? And how to avoid them? That's what this guide is going to tell you.

1. Choosing a Fancy Restaurant for Your First Date

fancy restaurant gif

Be reasonable when it comes to choosing a restaurant because he is the one who will end up paying the check for both of you. Just because he's decent enough to ask you where you would like to go doesn’t mean you can pick out the most expensive restaurant in town. Either you choose a reasonable place, or just let him decide.

2. Getting Too Dressed Up

overly dressed up

If he's taking you out to a place that you've never been to and don't know what to dress, ask him. You need to know if you're going to a fancy restaurant so you can get your formal dress ready, or just a simple diner that you can go to with your sweatshirt. You will feel really awkward whether you're too over or under dressed.

3. Wearing Too Much Makeup

Too Much Makeup

Wherever he's taking you, DO NOT wear too much makeup. It will show him how excited you are, and you might even look like a clown. You should look just simple and cute. Cause if you're wearing the perfect makeup that might make you look hotter than Haifa Wehbe and then he sees you on the beach with absolutely no makeup on looking like Aesha El Kilany, he will run for his life.

4. Being Too Late

too late

Even if you're the slowest person on earth, on your first date, try to be on time as much as possible cause this leaves a very bad impression. Otherwise, he might think you're not interested, disrespectful or not worthy of your time.

5.  Talking Too Much About Yourself

stop talking about yourself

Who likes it when someone is doing all the talking and babbling about themselves? NO ONE. Calm down, take a deep breath and let him speak too. This date is for both of you to get to know each other well, not an interview for you.

6. Bragging

fuck it am rich

Don't brag about what you and your family own, how many times you visited Paris and LA or the 50K diamond ring that your daddy got you on your 16th birthday. It's a huge turn off for him. Not to mention that he might feel economically less than you, which will make him flee.

7. Texting and Not Leaving Your Phone


This is one of the most common mistakes that girls usually do on their first date, texting or going to the bathroom to call their friends. Wait until you're home after the date then update your friends because this is extremely rude and disrespectful.

8. Talking about Your Ex

you gotta be kidding me

If you're still in love with your ex, why are you out with someone else then? Guys hate it when a girl they're dating talks about her ex. I mean, put yourself in his shoes. It's pretty awkward, rude and a huge turn off for both of you.

9. Being Too Easy

don't be easy

This is not just about being physically easy with him, but about basically everything. Guys like interesting girls that don't just overly open up on the first date. A little mystery is always good to keep him interested.

10. Being Too Fake

Stop being fake

It's not a bad thing to act cute to impress him. But, it's AWFUL if you're obviously faking it. Trust me, it's always easy to act in the beginning of a relationship, but with time, you will start becoming who you really are, and he might not really like the fact that you were fake.



By: YWG Team