We had a talk with founder Hadeer Mamdouh who will be joining season 4 of Cairo wedding Festival with her team to talk about what it takes to craft a wedding from A to Z.


-What sorts of services do you offer?

Wedding, event planning and event management. Our services are not only limited to planning the wedding or the engagement, we also help the bride and groom in everything related to their big day. This is through offering special discounts at various Salons & spas, reccommending jewellery stores with discounted rates, fashion designers, honeymoon packages and even furniture and interior designers.


-What skills are needed to become a Wedding Planner? 
Creativity and imagination are the main keys. Being able to translate all the points and details about the bride & groom to ideas. At Luxe we rely also on building a friendship with the bride and groom, this helps us understand their personalities so we can come up with a design thats tailored specifically for them.


-What was the most unique wedding you have ever planned?
A beach wedding at 360 kitesurfing center, Ras Sudr. Everything about this wedding was different, the process ..the theme and the couple themselves. It was a santorini themed wedding with the ‘bare-foot bride & groom'. 


-What is the hardest part of being a wedding planner?
Even though its very hard trying to understand or meet the tastes of both the bride and groom ...and their families at the same time,  you also need to invest a huge amount of time and effort. Don't they say no rainbows without rain?!


-Tell us more about the journey or the process when the couples meet you?
We first start off by breaking the ice by talking about general topics. Then we start getting details about the bride and groom, for example their job, favourite colours, favourite outings,etc. then comes the brainstorming process. After our first meeting Luxe's meet starts desigining and creating a proposal. Lastly, Finalizing the quotation and contract.


-What are the funniest situations that you had faced with couples?
Once, during the father & daughter dance ..the father was at the toilet, and EVERYONE was looking for him!


-Which is easier in the planning process an outdoor or an indoor wedding?

Each one has its circumstances but in my opinion you have no limits in designing ...the ballroom sometime limits the options in terms of height or fixed decorations in the cieling for example.


-What is your advice for the brides and grooms? 
To relax and hand everything to a wedding planner. Not just the wedding or the event itself but we also handle the dress, makeup, hair, suit, jewelry..everything to help them have their dream wedding.


-Can you refuse to coordinate certain weddings for some couples?
So far I never did. But in some cases we don't agree together. We always try to compromise and reach a win-win situation for both of us.


-How often do you expect to meet with couples prior to the wedding?

I never count because all my couples end up as being friends from the 1st meeting so I usually push myself to gave everything ready before the wedding...but lets say a minimum of 3-5 times. 


-Are there any new ideas you still didn’t make?
YES A LOT. Everytime I plan a wedding I try to put my ideas...but my main goal was going for themed weddings ....being an architect helps me design and visualize various ideas..but it takes a brave couple to let you put in some of your ideas!