Why Do Men Cheat After Marriage?

By: YWG Team


After two or three years of marriage, some men start cheating on their wives for no apparent reason. However, they claim they have a number of reasons that make them cheat even after they made a vow to stay loyal for only one woman forever. Some reasons show that their wives are the reasons why they cheated, while other reasons show that they are simply a bunch of bastards.

So dear women, here are the 7 reasons why men cheat on you.


1. He's a Womanizer

He is simply not satisfied with only one woman in his life. He's always hungry for more, so he goes around flirting with all the women he knows until he finds this one woman who accepts a further relationship with him. He might not really care if she's prettier, younger or skinnier than you, he just wants to have an affair with her and run.

2. He Was Seduced

Well, yeah. He claims he was seduced and that it was "not his fault". But, if this is the case, then he will probably be seduced by every woman he meets. I mean you're a big boy and can handle a pretty woman without actually having an affair with her, can't you?

3. He's Bored

Some men claim that they cheat out of boredom; they might not even want or like this girl, but they just do it anyway.

4. His Wife is The Reason

He says that his wife never really cared about him and does not show him any kind of affection. Men like to feel needed, so they seek this kind of attention outside because he is emotionally dissatisfied with his wife.

5. He is Insecure

Some men have insecurities. Maybe he's feeling that he is not good enough, too ugly, too poor or whatever that just does not make him feel good about himself. So, he uses some methods that might make him feel better like flirting with other girls, watching porn or having an affair with another girl or maybe a prostitute. Pretty much anything that could just make him feel that he is still desirable and to feel his masculinity.

6. He is Not Physically Satisfied

He feels that his wife is not satisfying him physically, so he seeks further physical intimacy outside.

7. He Feels He Deserves More

He feels that he is way too good and too handsome for only one woman. So, you find him flirting with every single woman he knows, hiring prostitutes or having various affairs.


Whatever the reasons are, I only believe in one thing, and that is if you're miserable and cannot stand your life any longer with the one person you promised to stay loyal to forever, you either try to fix your relationship and your life or just leave. This is not just for men to avoid being called a "radical feminist"; this is also for women who cheat.