Best Bridal Hairstyles for 2016


2016 Bridal Hairstyles

This year, fashion designers astonished us in bridal runways with amazing, simple and daring hairstyle trends that will take your breath away. A variety of hairstyles that will leave you in awe from braids, 20s up dos, floral wavy hair to double chignon and more.

Here are 2016's hottest bridal hairstyle trends we saw on the runways.

1. Braids

bridal braids 2016

2. Floral Wavy Hair

bridal floral wavy hair 2016

Floral Bridal 2016

3. Simple Bun

bridal simple bun 2016

4. 20s Updo

20's updo 2016 bridal

5. Natural Look

bridal 2016 natural look

natural 2016 look

6. Double Chignon

double chignon 2016 bridl

7. Low Ponytail

bridal 2016 low ponytail

8. 70s Curly Hair

70s curly hair 2016 bridal



By: YWG Team