Latest Hair Colors for 2016


2016 latest hair colors

Looking for a whole new hot look for your hair color and don't know what are the latest trends for 2016? Don't worry ladies, we've got you covered. This year's colors are exotic and just too good to be true. From grey, pink, colorful dip-dye to eggplant, it is essential to hit the beauty salon with a good decision for your hair and be up to date with the latest hair color trends.

Here are the hottest hair color trends for 2016


1. Pink

pink hair color 2016

2. Colorful Dip-Dye

colorful dip-dye 2016

3. Ronze (Mixture of Copper Red and Bronze Brown)

ronze hair color 2016

4. Gray

gray hair color 2016

5. Bronde (Yellowish Brown)

bronde hair color 2016

6. Blue Tints

blue tints hair color 2016

7. Eggplant

eggplant hair color 2016

8. Balayage Highlights

balayage highlights 2016

9. Platinum Blonde


10. Opal Hair (A Blend of Pearl and Pastel Colors)

opal hair color 2016

11. Buttery Blonde

Buttery blonde hair color 2016




By: YWG Team