How to Know If You're with Mr. Right?



how to know i'f you're with mr. right

Every girl is dreaming to find Mr. Right and hopes to spend the rest of her life with him. But, what if you find someone and still don't know if he's a keeper? There are some things that just tell you that you're with the perfect guy for you. These things are to be determined by you and only you, and if you don't feel them with this one person, then it’s a sign that you should make some changes.

Here are 10 things that will help you know if you're with Mr. Right or not.

1. You Are Yourself

This is the most important thing, you are simply not afraid of being yourself around him. You don't keep secrets from him, act stupid around him or just tell him that you don't wanna talk when you're in a bad mood.

2. He is Interested to Know More about You

He is always interested to know more about your life and your future goals. He is genuinely happy to be a part of your life and always keen to see you progress.

3.  You Are Happy

It is essential to be happy from within in this relationship, and if you're not, you have to get out of there. Don't rely on your partner to be happy cause you will never be.

4. He Gives You Space

If you feel that he's not giving you space and just controlling everything concerning your life, then he's definitely insecure. He has to give you space and most importantly trust you. He lets you hang out with your friends, pursue your other interests and have some time with yourself.

5. He Makes You Laugh

He knows how to make you laugh and how to get you out of a bad mood. There are a lot of common jokes between you two that no one else will understand. If you know that you always have a good time when you are with him, then it’s a really good sign.

6. Silence Is Not a Problem

You don't have to talk all the time when you're together cause silence was never awkward between you two.

7. He Never Keeps Secrets from You

He completely trusts you, so he is always honest with you and never keeps secrets from you even on sensitive topics.

8.  No Drama

Your relationship with him is not full of drama or depression. You should have a healthy relationship with him, so you can never get tired, angry or fed up from him.

9. He Likes Your Family

It's essential that he likes your family and knows how to get along with them, and so do you with his family.

10. He Makes Effort

If you're the one who makes all the effort to be around him or call him, then there's definitely something wrong. Both of you should be equally making effort to be around each other.


By: YWG Team