How to Celebrate Your Bachelorette Party?



So, you're probably bored of the typical bachelorette party that every girl does before her wedding day. You want a new theme that would be as unique as you are while celebrating the very last day as a single girl with your best friends. Well, there are several ways to do that except that some girls think it's not a big deal to celebrate bachelorette party in a proper way. But, if you're the kind of gal who wants to throw an unforgettable bachelorette party, then we got the perfect picks for you!

With 9 bachelorette party ideas, you will definitely find one of these that would match your taste!

1. The Typical Henna


If you want your theme to be balady, local, but in a new way, try hiring a belly dancer and a girls balady band that would turn your little bachelorette party into a farah sha3by.


2. Spa

girls spa day

Going to a spa at a hotel for the day or maybe the weekend for your bachelorette party sounds like a great idea! You will enjoy your time with your girls eating, drinking and massaging the stress away while getting fresh amazing looks for the wedding day.


3. Night Club

girls clubbing

If you're a club maniac and love to dance your night away then this is the perfect pick for you! Get your girls to a nice night club that will make you forget the wedding stress and just have fun.


4. Karaoke Night

karaoke girls

If you think you have a good tone and wanna show off your talents to your friends, karaoke night will be really fun.


5. Fortune Teller

fortune teller

Get a fortune teller and let the stars predict your night! Organize a nice house party with your girls and have some fun while knowing what the future holds for you.


6. Tea Party

tea party

If you're a more of an old-style-English lady-type, you can organize a nice house tea party, or maybe at a fancy hotel tearoom. You will love the old Victorian style party with finger sandwiches, lace and flowers decorations, macaroons and petit fours.


7. Barbie Theme

barbie theme

If you've always been a fan of Barbie, it's time to be one! Decorate your house in pink and classic Barbie logos, have everyone dress up like Barbie and get the party started with this crazy theme while remembering your childhood memories.


8. Cooking Party

girls cooking

If you love to cook, share your talent with your girls and throw a cooking party. You can hold a cooking competition at your house with your friends and have a nice dinner after. And don't forget to get yourself a special bride apron.


9. Paintballing

girls paintballing

This is perfect for relaxed brides who just wanna have fun. Try to get an old short bride's dress from the thrift shop with your friends and go paintballing, but make sure to take lots of pictures, it's worth it!



By: YWG Team