Bridal Beauty Treatments


bridal beauty

As a bride, you want to look at your best for your wedding; you may start a new diet, go to a plastic surgeon or go to a tanning salon. Whatever you want to do, there are a number of beauty treatments that you should consider doing months before your big day.

So, with this beauty guide, we will help you get your plans straight before you walk down the aisle looking like a perfect celebrity.  

1. Facial Treatment

bride facial treatment

Facial treatments like skin peels, botox or line filler are the perfect fast way to get a pure youthful look. You don't have to worry any more about facial wrinkles, scars or whatever that is lowering your self-esteem as a bride. You should do one of these treatments at least a month before your wedding.

2. Dieting

girl dieting

After choosing your wedding dress, you should consider getting rid of your body fats and highlighting some curves that match your gown. So, in order to do that, you should start a healthy diet, lift some weights to tone up the body parts you want to highlight and go to yoga classes to strengthen your back and keep it straight.

3. Teeth whitening

bride teeth whitening

The best way to be picture perfect for your wedding day is teeth whitening. It's very easy, effective and doesn't cost that much, but don’t forget your fiancé; he needs a shining smile as well.

4. Cosmetic or Body Surgery

bride plastic surgery

If you feel like you have a big nose, small breast or anything that you think might require a plastic surgery, then it's time to do that before your big day. Visit a plastic surgeon that can advice you and help you look perfect on your wedding day. However, you should do that at least 6 months, if not a year, in advance because you want people to get used to the new you and avoid strange looks from people, especially your fiancé, on your wedding.

5. Hair Color Trial

hair dying bride

Go to your hair salon 3 months before your wedding and get a hair color trial. If you're happy with the color you've picked, then book 2 weeks before your wedding to get it freshly done.

6. Laser Hair Removal

bride hair removal

Instead of shaving during your honeymoon, you can simply get rid of your body hair forever. For safer treatments, visit a medical professional instead of a hair laser spa, and make sure the doctor has a good background. You should get it done at least 6 months in advance because it takes a minimum of 5 sessions, once per month.

7. Tanning

bride tanning

Go to a tanning salon and get the glowing sun-kissed look! Try to avoid sun tanning in order to keep your skin perfect and get your tan with either a spray booth or a tanning bed.


By: YWG Team