Latest Jaw Dropping Makeup Trends in 2016


latest makeup trends for 2016

This 2016, fashion runways astonished us with outstanding makeup trends that will absolutely dazzle you. Makeup artists have really pushed the boundaries with these awesome trends! If you're the bold daring type, you will love this season that is full of electric blue and glitter eyes, bright red lips and false lashes.

Here are the latest makeup trends in 2016 you will die for!

1. Shades of Blue

blue eye makeup 2016 blue eye makeup 2016

Shades of blue eyes are taking over the runways! Decorate your eyes with blue colors this season and get the fresh look.

2. Candy Apple Lips

candy apple lips

Red lipstick is classic and its trend will never fade. But, this season Snow White red apple lips are so trendy giving you a sexy and sleek look.

3. Doll Look

doll look 2016 louis vuitton doll makeup 2016

As seen at Louis Vuitton, this hippy doll-like exaggerated lashes will rock the season!

4. Brown Lips

brown lips 2016 brown lips 2016

Those perfect lipstick colors are getting so trendy. Complete the look with boyish eyebrows and a light eye shadow.

5. 70s Tropical Eyes

70s tropical eyes

Mix blue and green shades for your eyes, and apply dark pink blush to your cheeks high up on the cheekbones and you're good to go.

6. Glitters

glittery makeup 2016

And what better way to shine?


7. 90's Grunge

90's grunge 2016

Makeup artists in fashion runways gave the models a 90's look by applying a tad of brown eye shadow, thick messy eyebrows and kohl liner applied on the top and bottom waterlines of the eyes.

8. Natural Look

natural look 2016

Minimal makeup is so trendy this season. All you have to do is apply natural contouring that gives you the perfect skin, light lipstick and leave your thick messy eyebrows.

9. White Eye Makeup

white eye makeup 2016 white eye shades 2016

For a true angelic look, apply a pinch of white shadow to the peepers or use a white eyeliner with strong brows and mascara. This trend is perfect for brides.

10. 70's Look

70's look 2016

Get the look by applying a matte mod icy-pink lipstick with luminous eyes, mascara and illuminated skin.

11. Chunky Twiggy Lashes

chunky twiggy lashes 2016

You don't need eye shades, eye liner or kohl with this trend.

12. 60's Look

moschino 60's look 2016

Inspired by the 60's look, makeup artists used three MAC eyeliners to draw these winged eyelashes on the models and added light summer colors to their lips.

13. Tanned Look

gigi hadid 2016 tanned tanned look 2016

This season, makeup artists mixed bronzer with brown cream and highlighter for a natural tan look.


14. Colored Lashes

blue lashes 2016 red lashes 2016

From blue, red, pink and more daring mascara colors, makeup artists astonished us with this hot bold trend!

15. Grungy Black Sparkle

black sparkle 2016

Seen at Chanel, makeup artists gave the models a grungy look by applying matte black eye shadow in an almond shape, smudged it low under their eyes with loads of black glitter and then added a touch of silver in the corners of the eyes and on the center of the lids.


By: YWG Team