What Women HATE about Men



There are some things that men do that just make them intolerable for women. Even though they don't mean it, or don't even realize that they're doing those things, women still see them as douchebags; simply because they really turn them off. Think about it this way, you can really make a woman like everything about you, but if you do any of these things, or even one of them, it can seriously destroy your chances of being with her.

Here are 8 common irritating things that women hate about men.

1. Being a Dictator


Usually, women like protective men, but not overly protective that they turn to being dictators who tell them who to talk to, where to go or what to wear. Women hate to be controlled; it can really make them fear commitment.

2. Ignoring Her

what girls hate about men

Women HATE being ignored. For instance, if you don't call her as you promised, or when you're around your friends and absolutely ignore her. This is very disrespectful and only shows how you don't care about her.

3. Making Fun of Things She Likes

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A lot of women have some silly interests, but it's okay no big deal, right? Then why do you keep making fun her? Its okay if you don't like what she loves doing, but you don't have to make fun of her, you know. I mean, she must also hate things that you can't live without and might even find them really ridiculous, but she won't make fun of you.

4. Putting Your Friends First

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If you always choose your friends over her or like hanging out with your friends more, then you will never be her priority.

 5. Being Argumentative and Dramatic

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Women hate drama, and those who say that they are the ones who always start fighting and all the drama are probably a bunch of assholes who just hate this gender. Women never want a guy who turns every single conversation into an argument that can stay for hours and hours.

6. Being Cheap

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Now that's a huge turn off for women. When a man constantly talks about the amount of money he spent and keeps complaining, that really can even make her hate you. I mean, there is nothing less attractive than a bad tipper, is there?

7. Calling Her Stupid

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Even if she is the dumbest woman on earth, keep your comment to yourself. If a woman is stupid, every single person she knows has probably told her that. So, she already knows how dumb she could get sometimes, but it really breaks her heart to hear it from you too.

8. Being Needy and Insecure

stop being needy man

No woman on earth likes it when her man is needy or when he's constantly talking about their future together when they've just met about a month ago! All women like men who are strong and independent, but those who are needy, insecure and clingy make the ladies just want to run away.


By: YWG Team