6 Reasons Why It's Best to Date Your Best Friend


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They say "you're lucky if you fall in love with your best friend", well I couldn't agree more. When you date your best friend, you win not only a lover, but also a protector that will always have your back. You know that your best friend is the one who has always been there for you through the best and worst times. This person accepts you with all your flaws and your silliness, so really, how can you stop yourself from falling for them?

Even though it burns and hurts like hell if your best friend doesn't feel the same way about you and might even destroy your relationship with them, but what if they do? You gotta know for a fact that you will get out of the friend zone to a wonderful relationship with the one person who knows you best.

Read on as we tell you the 6 reasons why it's best to date your best friend.

1. You Both Know What the Other Is Thinking

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Unlike dating someone you barely know, dating your best friend is much easier and much more fun cause you understand each other from just a glance. No need for playing mind games cause you already know this person too much.

2. You Both Have Common Friends

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You don't have to worry about introducing him/her to your friends or worrying about his/her friends liking you. You've been friends forever already and you have loads of common friends that love both of you. You see, you won't find this hassle of making their friends love you or vice versa, and that's the best thing.

3. You Really Have Fun Together

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Spending time with each other is priceless and you never want it to end. You always make fun of each other and love your silliness no matter how ridiculous it is. You will feel the difference of being in the friend zone and being in a relationship when the teasing ends with a kiss on your forehead instead of a pinch.

4. You Are in Your Comfort Zone with Your Best Friend

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You're always comfortable around them to say, do and even dress up however you want. So, you won't need time to open up to them. The best thing about it is the fact that there is no judging between you two, which is pretty damn awesome!

5. Your Inside Jokes Will Become Funnier

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You're always laughing with your best friend. Your inside jokes from when you used to be best friends until you became lovers are always there, and now it's even funnier. No one can understand them but you two, and that's what's fun about it.

6. You Know It's Worth It

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You and your partner know it's worth it because you two want it to work out, or else you might lose each other forever. But this bond you already have will now get much stronger by getting into a relationship with your best friend. You know you will always have someone there who looks out for you, cares about you, laughs with you and supports you through it all, but most importantly, loves you.


By: YWG Team