Egyptian Wedding Movies We Will Never Forget


egyptian wedding movies

The Egyptian cinema has always been known as the "Hollywood of the East". Even though some may disagree given the fact that today's films are incomparable to those of the last century, it is still a flourishing industry in Egypt. The Egyptian cinema has definitely produced an exceptional selection of features over the decades, and we can never forget the lovely wedding movies that we were raised upon. Exceptional movies from the mid 1950s until today that talk about weddings, marriages and couples that have truly inspired us ever since our childhood. Who can deny that movies like Om El 3aroussa, Al Bahth 3an Fediha and 3arees Men Geha Amneya are some of the classic comedy Egyptian films that we will never get bored from?

Listed below the best unforgettable Egyptian wedding movies we will always love and relate to.

1. Ibn Hamido (1957)

ibn hamido

ibn hamido

Hind Rustom was unbelievably beautiful, flirty and sexy in this movie, and we can never forget how funny our favorite couple Ismail Yassin and Zinat Sedky and how desperately she wanted to marry him. Especially the kitchen scene, epic!

2. Al Zawja 13 (1962)

al zawja 13

el zawja 13

This phenomenal film will never get too old for any generation! Anyone can relate to this movie cause we always have this one womanizer friend who just can't get enough of marrying. But, I doubt he will be any handsome or hot as Roujdy Abaza…

3. Om El 3aroussa (1963)

om el 3oroosa

om el3aroosa

Who can forget this so Egyptian wedding film?! Guess all fathers can relate to Emad Hamdy's character, the typical Egyptian father whose being stripped of money by his wife, Taheya Karyoka, for his daughter's wedding!

4. E3terafat Zog (1965)

e3terafat zog

e3terafat zog

We have all met, at least once, this monster in law, Mary Mounib, and her creepy womanizer husband, Youssef Wahby, who flirts with his daughter's friend while backstabbing his poor son-in-law, Fouad El Mohandes! This classic movie is a one good lesson for all husbands to stay loyal and for all wives to have strong personalities.

5. Leilet El Zefaf (1966)

leleit el zafaf

leleit zafaf

The greatest dream of all mothers is to see their daughters getting married to the one perfect man who can truly make her live a happy life. But, pretending to be sick in order for her daughter to marry the perfect doctor? That's exactly what Aqeela Rateb did with Sou'ad Hosni! Even though she married Ahmed Mazhar for her mother's sake, she ended up loving him and leaving her boyfriend, Ahmed Ramzi. This classic movie taught us one important thing, mothers are always right!

6. Al Bahth 3an Fediha (1973)

elba7th 3an elfedeeha

elbahth 3an elfedeeha

The typical Egyptian guy who's coming from the countryside and looking for a wife in Cairo! And when Adel Emam finally finds her, he jumps through hoops for her with his friend's help, Samir Sabry, until he gets the beautiful Mervat Amin and marries her. It is really one of Adel Emam's best movies.

7. Al Ba3d Yazhab Lel Ma2zoun Maratain (1978)

elba3d yazhab lelma2zoon maretain

elba3d yazhab lelma2zoon maretain

We can always watch this film over and over again and will never get bored! This romantic comedy that talks about three relatives and best friends who got fed up from their wives and decided to cheat on them for a change… Guess this movie proves how some men will never be happy with only one woman!

8. Gawaz Bekarar Gomhory (2001)

gawaz be karar gomhoory

gawaz be karar gomhoory

And what better way to kiss the president's ass other than inviting him to your wedding? Yeah well that's what Hany Ramzy and Hanan Tork did. Whether their intentions were good or not, it was in their, and the 7ara's I guess, favor, in the end.

9. 3arees Men Geha Amneya (2004)

3arees mn geha amneya

3arees mn geha amneya

Whenever you're in a Katb Ketab, you can't help yourself from remembering Adel Emam's words during his daughter's Katb Ketab! This movie truly emphasizes the father's love to his daughter, even if it was a little exaggerated in the film.

 10. Youm Maloush Lazma (2015)

yom maloosh lazma

yom maloosh lazma

Even though this movie's logic is purely 0%, it will crack you up! At least it warns some guys that if you still have some unfinished business with your ex girlfriend, especially if she's a psychotic freak like Ruby, she may hunt you down endlessly and may even kill your beloved wife!


By: YWG Team