Reasons Why Men Leave Women They Love


Reasons why men leave women they love

He was SO into you... and then he stopped, even though he's still in love with you. It's very ironic how someone can leave their significant other despite the fact that he/she still loves this person. So, what could be the possible reasons behind the breakup? It was only a few days ago when you and your man were so connected, close and intimate. Well, a number of men run away from relationships that could just go perfect with amazing women instead of trying to fix things out. However, other men try so hard to make their relationships work, but sometimes there are things that women do that cannot be forgiven.

The reasons that will be stated in this article are neither blaming men for leaving nor putting the women at fault for the men leaving. Cause it's rarely when it's one person's fault; it’s usually an occurrence of incompatibility.

There are several possible reasons why men leave women they love, some of them are mentioned below;

1. Trying to Fix Him

He was never waiting for you to change or fix him. You should accept him the way he is, and so should he cause changing your man for your own reasons can seriously end a relationship. If you didn't like the way he is from the beginning, why did you decide to be with him?


2. Cheating

It can go both ways, either he's cheating on you, or you're cheating on him. If he finds out that you're cheating on him, no matter how much he loves you, he will never tolerate being with you. It's not because he's madly in love with you, it's simply because you're like slapping his ego, and men like their women to boost and confirm their ego. On the other hand, he might be the one cheating on you, in which case he will not want to continue with you because he's unfaithful and feels like he's not worth you.


3. Not Caring About Him

Men LOVE attention. If you're not giving him much attention or stopped caring about him, he will leave. When you neglect your man and make him feel that he's not important in your life anymore, he will feel as if you stopped loving him, and therefore prefer looking for this kind of attention and care outside.


4. Not Respecting Him

There's no man on earth can tolerate it if you're disrespecting him or making him feel like he's not appreciated after all what he does for you. Even if he decided to marry you, if you stop respecting him, he will break up with you.


5. Constant Nagging

No one likes nagging whatsoever. Think about it, if he doesn't want do something, no matter what you say, he will never do it. You're only boring him; so instead, try talking to him about it calmly. If he's still not convinced then that's it, just don't nag cause it won't help.


6. Being a Negative Drama Queen

It's okay if you're having a bad day, but it's never okay to take it out on your man every single time! Stop being a drama queen and fighting over the most ridiculous things; try having some time with your girlfriends cause that's when you need it.


By: YWG Team