5 Life Saving Tips for Long Distance Relationships


long distance relationship tips

Long distance relationships don't always work out for a number of reasons. Maybe because you stopped seeing each other, seeing other people, stopped caring or even stopped trusting each other. For those reasons, many people are really against long distance relationships. You may find your family telling you that it's not gonna work out, or some of your friends telling you that you never know what will happen so don't get too attached cause you don’t want your heart broken.

The thing is, we all know how hard long distance relationships are, but as well as everything else in life. Yes things could get complicated, and you could get so lonely sometimes. However, instead of complaining and saying how "complicated" it is or how it won't work out, try to see the bright side of it.

To keep your relationship with your significant other strong and vibrant, here are 5 tips to save your love.

1. Say What's On Your Mind

long distance relationship tips

Whenever you feel like talking, talk. Especially when something's bothering you, don't hide it. Keeping secrets from your partner can really cause huge issues.


2. Avoid Too Much Communication

long distance relationship tips

Too much of something is never good, we all know that. He/she will get bored, so what are you doing? Stop calling! It so not healthy for your relationship to be so possessive. Communicating 12 hours a day is too much, you yourself may get bored. They say "Less is more", and damn they were right.


3. Visit Each Other At Least Once

long distance relationship tips

Plan at least one visit in advance with your partner. Or even better, surprise each other! Both of you will really appreciate it.


4. Follow Each Other’s Social Media Activities

long distance relationship tips

Yeah, am not saying "go stalk him/her". But, it's good to care about each other even in the smallest things. For instance, like each other’s photos on Instagram and Facebook, tag him/her on some common jokes and share things on each other’s walls. Even though you might think it's something minor in a relationship, it really does make a difference and your partner will appreciate it.


5. Communicate Regularly and Creatively

long distance relationship tips

A “good morning” and a “good night” text every day is really essential in your relationship; it keeps it active. Also, update each other with what's going in your lives, send pictures and short videos and videophone each other whenever you really miss each other.


By: YWG Team