Things you Should NOT say to Your Partner before Your Wedding Day


They say "some things are better left unsaid", this proverb is most accurate before your big day! Usually, the moments before your wedding are the hardest, especially if you are under huge pressure and want everything to go perfect. You should support one another because if you keep on showering your partner with your concerns right before the band starts playing "Besm Allah" and "Mabrouk 3aleiki", he/she will run for their lives!

So, zip your lips and read the things you should never say to your partner right before you tie the knot.

1. "You're stuck with me and only me now, forever and ever!"

Umm, okay creepy, saying that only makes your partner have second thoughts about spending the rest of his/her life with only YOU!

2. "Are you sure you wanna do this?"

Well, asking for reassurance may send negative vibes to your other half and will automatically say a big fat NO. I mean, if your partner is not sure, then he/she wouldn't have been here from the very beginning. Better ask these questions to your friends or mommy to avoid calling off your wedding…

3. "I can't marry someone whose parents hate me."

And you've just noticed that the day BEFORE your wedding? You know you gotta sort your relationship with your in-laws WAY before that.

4. "I need you to be honest with me, is there anything that you would like to share from your past?"

So, you have just decided that this is right timing to become Mr. /Mrs. CIA and start digging into your partner's past? Seriously?! Honey, we do these things the moment you decide to date this person. But, right now if you still don't trust the one you're about to share the rest of your life with, then it's either that your relationship has already serious issues or you are the one who is suffering from some..

5. "GOD, I can't believe we've spent all of this money on just one crappy day."

Okay, first of all, YOU are crappy. Second of all, talking grimly about the amount of money you've already spent on YOUR big day makes nothing but another gigantic fight. Not to mention the huge turn off that your partner will feel towards you.

6. "I am really scared… what if we end up like those divorced couples?"

Why would you choose to say that before your wedding day? I understand you're under stress, but before your wedding? Trying to make your partner elope? Cause yeah its working. You have to stay away from the "D" word before tying the knot, dear.

7. "Did you gain weight?"

You might as well slap your partner or punch him/her in the face cause it's better than saying you're getting fat before your big day.

8. "If I could do this all over again, I would have done it differently."

Your assumptions that the wedding will suck and that you expected more from your partner will only drive him/her to a mental hospital. You are not even married yet. Stop being negative before your big day, for GOD's sake!

9. "I know you will probably say no, but…"

And if you are so sure that you're getting a "no no", why are you asking? If you are sure that "no" will be the response then save your efforts. OR, maybe you can stop being negative and reframe your question to "I really had fun last time doing…., wanna do it again?" or "how about doing…, isn't it a great idea?" instead of decreasing the chances of hearing a "yes" at all.

10. "What are you gonna do if I don't show up on the day?"

If it happens and your partner asks you this question, tell them: "I will find you and when I do, I will punch you, stab you twice, shoot you in your head five times and then drown you."


By: YWG Team