Bridal Beauty Countdown

By: YWG Team


               Your wedding is pretty soon! Of course you want to feel and look like a princess on your wedding day, taking into consideration that you must put a beauty plan before your wedding to appear that glowing bride-to-be. Natural beauty is what so many of us want, that fresh look, so if you want to look beautiful on your the big day , then you have to work for it. Following these important tips will help you achieve your beauty plan; here is what you need to do.


Skin care tips:

Getting your facials:

 Opting for regular facials on monthly basis is a must, as you want to make your skin glowing. This process will happen through ultimate caring of your skin through facial massaging and getting some skin treatments that work on renewing your skin cells.



  • Exfoliation:

 Regular exfoliating helps a lot in the process. It removes the layers of dead skin cells and improves blood circulation.

  • Moisturizing:

 It is the second gift that you can offer your skin, as your skin may become dry due to many factors. Moisturizing restores your skin balance and keeps your face hydrated, so you can look more fresh and younger.

  • Face mask:

  Applying a cleansing mask to your face will help your skin get rid of excess dirt that is lying deep into your pores.

  • Face vitamins:

  Did you hear this word before? Yes! Vitamins can do wonders to your skin. So if we are talking about the best vitamins for your skin, here are some  vitamins that are useful for you such as vitamin A, C, E and K. These powerful vitamins are anti-oxidants that boost your skin collagen so it keeps your skin looking younger.

  • Eyes and lips:

 Both are delicate and sensitive parts in your face. So it is a good idea to give them some special care. Applying good eye cream will enhance the skin around this area and reduce the dark circles around your eyes, so it will give you the fresh look. Also, exfoliating and applying SPF lip balm will nourish your lips and keep them hydrated.


Body care:                                                                                                                                               


Scrubbing your body maintains shiny and healthy skin. You can do your own body exfoliation at home or go to a SPA where you can get some special body treatments. There are different types of body treatments that detoxify and soften your skin. Body wraps and massages are very helpful treatments.  Modern spas have developed different types of massages like Aroma therapy, Ayurvedic massage, Deep tissue massage, Lymphatic drainage massage and many more.


Hair care:

Giving your hair special care before your wedding will complete your beauty plan, like hair treatments and vitamins. Changing your hair color before your wedding must be done by hair professionals. Conditioning your hair will make it look much better.


Hands and feet:


You can go for a proper pedicure if you want to have nice-looking hands and feet. You can moisturize your hands and feet, as this simple step will make them look better and more beautiful.


           Don’t forget that beauty starts from within. Following a healthy balanced diet is preferable, as it is known that the skin and hair is the mirror that reflects how healthy your internal organs are. So, take care of what you are eating, try to choose healthy foods that detoxify your body and skin. The bride is the “belle of the ball”, so achieving your beauty pre-wedding plan will make you the most beautiful and elegant bride.