Inspiring Relaxation Techniques Before Your Wedding


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      Your wedding countdown begins. All things are happening quickly. The more you get closer to your wedding day the more you feel stressed. You want to make sure that all your wedding planning is working well and you want at the same time to have some time to relax. Don’t worry you can manage your time between your multi-tasks and also have some time for yourself. Follow these simple yet effective techniques to release out your accumulated stress:

  • Get a massage:

It is your fastest way to relieve tension from your body. If you have sore muscles you can get a Thai massage. It is an effective massage technique as it heals your tired muscles. Thai massage can relieve pain and stress. It improves your blood circulation. It also boosts your serotonin levels .you will end up feeling calm, relaxed and happy.



  • Yoga classes:

Yoga is very beneficial to you before your wedding. It is a great stress reliever. You can choose a beginner class that includes breathing exercises, relaxation techniques. Yoga helps you clear your mind, improve your respiration and make you more flexible. You will free yourself from stress and experience peace of mind.



  • Hot bath:

 Soaking yourself in a hot bath will send you shiver of joy and relaxation. You will feel tension-free and calm. You can add to your bath some scented candles that will help in more relaxation. Aromatherapy is known to have great effects on our body and soul as it reduces anxiety.



  • Spa treatments:

 Choose your special bridal package that includes a lot of pampering stuff. Choose the treatments that you love. This will allow your body to re- generate. Indulge yourself and feel relaxed and beautiful.



  • Hydrate:

 The first thing that you do when you feel stressed is to go for drinking more coffee or energy drinks. It is not a good idea. You should drink 3 litres of water daily to keep your body hydrated. Lots of caffeine will make your body lose large amounts of water and you will feel tired.



  • Outings:

 Try to hit some places where you can feel relaxed. Sit in nature and enjoy it. You can breathe a fresh air and clear your mind. Listen to some relaxing music or read one of your favorite books.




  • Go Green:

Eat some healthy food. Green vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals. They will flush out toxins from your body and improve your digestion so you won’t have bloated stomach.


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     There is no need to keep thinking and worrying. Just chill and enjoy your life. Stress is not good for you. Sometimes you will feel tired and exhausted. Make yourself happy. Enjoy your wedding planning and give yourself time to be the better version of you.


Written By: YWG Team