Simple Rules For A Happy Marriage




     Marriage is the commitment of love. When two people tie the knot, all their goals are to achieve a successful marriage. People think that once they got married there is no need to make an effort to save this relationship. They only depend on the love that has been built between them. Love is the main reason that made couples decide to continue their lives together but it is not the only key for a happy marriage. There are some simple ways to achieve a successful marriage that will last forever:


Respect is the main key to a successful marriage. It is an important value. Respecting each other opinions and decisions is an important ground for a successful marriage. Keeping secrets from your partner is the root of all problems. Honesty comes hand in hand with respect.


Trust is vital in every relationship. If two partners do not trust each other, this may cause many problems and hurting of feelings. Trust is a way in which you put your complete faith in your beloved one.


Every healthy relationship is mainly built on communication between two partners. Communication is all about give and take. Every couple should talk, listen carefully to each other and share their thoughts and ideas together.

Keeping the promise:

When couples tie the knot they promise each other to be a partner in good as well as in bad. Marriage is not only about sharing the bad and hard times, but also they have to share their good moments as well. When something good happens to your partner, seize the opportunity to make the most of it.

Appreciation and gratitude:

Appreciation works like super magnet for a happy marriage. Feeling grateful for your partner about simple things they do is very inspiring. You make your spouse feel appreciated and loved. This attitude makes the relation work better.

Giving space to each other:

Even the most loving couples need to have some little space. Respecting your partner personal space is a great way to make your relationship stronger. Space does not mean a dull distance but giving some time to your partner to practice their favorite hobbies, have some time with friends. This will result in stronger marriage bond.


Every married couple should keep their love alive. They will face some problems in marriage and this is a normal thing. They have to deal with the ups and downs in their life. With these simple keys they will be able to survive the hard times and save their marriage.


Written By: YWG Team