How To Avoid Pre-wedding Weight Gain



       Once you begin to achieve your wedding plans and announce your wedding date, you will start to attend a lot of special social events. There will be lunches, showers and dinners. All these things may cause a sudden weight gain before your wedding. You will be under the pressure of trying to maintain an ideal weight and attending all these events. When you feel that you gained few pounds just before the wedding, this will make you more stressed. Learn some simple ways to balance between your weight and your calorie intake. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Don’t skip meals:

You may think that you will lose more weight if you skip some meals. This is not true; instead try to eat more small meals per day. This will increase your metabolism and you will not gain extra pounds.

  • Begin the burn:

Get your body workout. Go to gym classes. Work on your abs muscles. Moving your body will burn more calories. It is the fastest weight to speed up your metabolism.

  • Right balanced foods:

Try to stick to a balanced diet. Skip the unneeded calories that may cause weight gain. Avoid fried and high-sugar foods.

  • Eat high fiber foods:

Go for leafy vegetables like cabbage and broccoli. Add whole grains to your diet.



    If you follow these simple guidelines, you will notice some positive results on your weight. If you take care of your calorie intake you will lose your weight easier.



Written By: YWG Team