Common Things Every Bride Thinks The Day After Her Wedding

Your wedding planning took a long time. You were stressed and tired due to your huge wedding preparations, starting from picking your wedding gown up to more details. Finally you reached the big day, but surely you start to think what’s next?

You are trying to figure out your new life and new responsibilities as a newly married person. Here are some thoughts that every bride shares commonly after her wedding day.



I can’t believe I am actually married:

You can’t believe that there will be No Stress after this long period of preparations. You are finally married after several months of preparing and planning for this day. You want to relax and enjoy your new life.

I do not want any stressful plans soon:

You made a huge effort while planning your wedding. You were stressed, confused and took a lot of important decisions. Surely you do not want any coming up plans at all. You want to free yourself from stress and serious thinking.

I have an exciting honeymoon:

You travel to your honeymoon destination and start enjoying your time with your spouse. You feel very happy and excited. You share the best moments with your partner. It is the best part of your life as a newly married couple.

Now I am a responsible wife:

Facing new life responsibilities is a scary thing. You now want to cope with your new life and know how to handle your new tasks and responsibilities. You think how to be a good wife.

Friends and relatives start asking when I am going to have a baby:

You begin your new life as a wife and husband and there are new stressful thoughts coming up. Your friends and family start thinking about your next step in marriage. They ask constantly when you are going to have kids.

I spent my savings on flower, food and table centers:

You feel as if all your life savings gone very fast on your wedding preparations. Now you are confused and start to think about a new budget plan. It is time to take care of how you spend your money.

I will spend the rest of my life with my spouse:

You think about the feeling of a lifetime commitment. You’re stuck with your spouse for the rest of your life sharing good and bad moments. You completed your love story by marrying the person you love.




You and your spouse tied the knot. You know that Marriage brings a big change in life. You have a lot of thoughts on your mind. You want to learn and know how to deal with your new responsibilities. All these thoughts are normal for every bride. By time you will learn how to cope with your new life.


Written By: YWG Team