Bridal Beauty Don’ts



            Your wedding is coming soon. You have many plans on your mind for your wedding. Every friend gives you some tips to help you in planning your wedding. You are trying to do your best in order to get in shape.  Every bride needs to know the most useful tips to help her pre-wedding. You hear so many things and you are confused what is suitable for you and what is not.

Here Are Some Tips From Experts That You Need To Know To Avoid Pre-Wedding Mistakes:

  • Don’t wait for the last minute to treat your skin problems like Acne. You have to visit your dermatologist a couple of months at least before your wedding.



  • Don’t try a new hair color before your wedding because it is trendy. May be it won’t fit you and you will regret later. Stick to the color that you tried before that gives you the fabulous look.



  • Don’t wax on your wedding day. Try to schedule hair removal a week in advance. Surely you do not want an irritated skin on your big day.



  • Don’t tan before your wedding day. You may appear in a weird look in your wedding photos. In addition, your skin may look dry and dull especially if the tanning spray gone wrong.



  • Don’t get a new facial according to your friend's advice to you because she has tried it. It could Result in skin rashes or blemishes.



  • Don’t pop your face pimples as it may leave a scar. Treating a face scar may take a long time to fade away. You will damage the glowing look that you have been wishing for.



  • Don’t try Botox before your wedding. It is a BIG NO-NO.  You have no guarantee that it will work for you.  You may look weird.




           The last thing you should know that you have to follow your own bridal beauty routine. Don’t try to satisfy others ideas. The things that suit others don’t suit you and vice versa. Stick to your own beauty plans that will make you look like a princess. It is your own day. 


Writtrn By: YWG Team