How to Keep Romance Alive


     After marriage you get to know each other more deep. You start your daily routine that may cause some boredom in your life. Don’t worry! You still can boost the romance in your life. By starting to organize your priorities in life, you can keep the romance alive. There are many steps you can take to help keep love levels high between you and your partner. Here are some steps that can have great effects on your life:

Surprise your spouse:   

Make a special surprise for your partner every day. This will add new happy moments to your life. Call your partner and give a special voice mail. You can give flowers for your partner for no special reason. There are other many things that will brighten your partner’s day and keep romance alive between both of you.



Show appreciation:

Words of affirmation, appreciation and adoration are very important. Appreciating your partner on a daily basis is an effective way to show them love and respect. Notice the little things that your partner does for you. Compliment your partner. Appreciation keeps the love alive.




It is the main key of a healthy relationship. Intimacy involves both physical and emotional connection. This state keeps you close and passionate to your partner. It includes kissing, hugging and other sexual activities beside some emotional bonds like trust, kindness and respect.



Listening to your spouse:

Listen with your heart as well as your ears. Give more attention to your spouse. Listening can strengthen the bonds between both of you. Don’t be judgmental about everything you hear as this can built conflict between both if you. Give your full attention to both verbal and non-verbal language of your spouse.



Take care of your appearance:

Do you Remember on your first dates, how you gave a great attention for your appearance? Keep giving priorities to your look as this will make your spouse happy and will spice up the romance between you.



    Take some time to focus on your relationship. Begin with some steps towards your partner to keep your love alive. It is never too late to start again. Let your life sparkle. It is time to renew your energy in your relationship or marriage.


By: YWG Team