Top Solutions For Pre-wedding Insomnia


     After longtime of planning for your wedding you have many feelings of stress and confusion. It is normal to suffer from insomnia before your wedding.  You may feel fatigue. As a bride-to-be, the most important thing you need now is a good sleep.Sometimes it is called beauty sleeping as it aids in enhancing your beauty as a bride-to-be. Sleeping plays a big role as it helps your body relax. If you suffer from pre-wedding insomnia you can try these solutions:

Reduce caffeine intake:

Go easy on the caffeine. It is the most time in which you will consume much coffee as you want to avoid being sleepy while planning for your wedding. Just try to reduce your coffee intake. You will feel better by time and you will be able to sleep more hours.

Herbal drinks:

They aid a lot in regulating your sleep. These herbal drinks will calm you and make you more relaxed. Try to drink a warm cup of herbal tea before bed time.

Avoid screen time at night:

Checking social media at night before bed time is not a good idea. The blue light from cell phones, laptops and tablets may delay your ability to sleep early. This may cause insomnia.

Put bedtime routine for yourself:

Try to stick to a daily bed time routine in which you go every day to bed until you can be able to sleep. If your body and brain got used to this daily timing, you will be able to sleep easier than before.

Try some relaxation techniques:

It is the main key to fall asleep easily. Relaxation techniques will make you more relaxed. You can try some breathing exercises. You will feel better and you can be able to sleep more hours.


    You are doing many tasks at the same time. If you feel stressed or anxious you can try to follow these simple tips. They will help you stay calm and will reduce insomnia. You will gain more energy before your wedding.


By: YWG Team