How to Deal With Your Controlling Mother-in-law


     In many families, the daughter in law finds it difficult to handle her mother-in-law. She finds her mother-in-law a controlling woman, so she gets disappointed and not able to handle her attitude. We hear many complaints including both sides. This causes a negative energy and leads to a stressful relationship between them. If you want to handle the controlling attitude of your mother-in-law, you should know first the root of the problem.

Some common complaints between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law:

  • The mother-in-law is interfering or judgmental.
  • Giving the feeling of “not good enough” for their partner.
  • Permanent criticism.

Some ways to handle the controlling attitude:

  • Evaluate the situation:

Take some time to think about the issue. You have to look for the main reason that led to this conflict between both of you.

  • Put yourself in her place:

Sometimes if you tried to see the story from the side of your mother-in-law you will be able to clearly understand the problem. Maybe she has a point of view or she has a problem in her relationship with her son.

  • It is okay to not have your mother-in-law approval:

 Actually you do not want somebody’s approval to tell you how to live your life. Surely both of you have totally different opinions. Don’t panic because it is a normal thing.

  • Don’t take it personally:

You can hear carefully to her criticism, but don’t take it personally and feel hurt. Sometimes her criticism is based on a logical point of view. Maybe you will realize this later and you can also learn from it.

  • Don’t fake it:

 Don’t lie or fake it because she will feel and know. Try to be yourself. It is not an obligation to stay attached to your mother-in-law opinions as long as you are polite and have a respectful attitude.

     If you feel yourself a victim to this scenario, you have to change your thoughts. Be patient and wise. Don’t be judgmental. On the contrary, be more understanding. Try to listen to what your mother-in-law has to say. Someday you will be a mother-in-law. Go easy with your new life.


By: YWG Team