Helpful Tips To Survive Your First Year Of Marriage

 The first year of marriage can be difficult and this is normal. It is the beginning of a new life with your partner and you try to adjust to each other and that’s why it is called the adjustment period. It is the period in which you will experience large life changes. It is full of excitement and challenges at the same time. It is the foundation of a long-term relationship. To create this foundation you have to take some steps to build a healthy base for your new life.



Make a financial plan:

When you make an early financial plan, this will help you get rid of the stress in your first year of marriage.


As a married couple, making a daily decisions together is pretty complicated, especially if both of you disagree on some issues. Try to communicate and listen to each other opinions. Avoid making decisions when feeling nervous. Save your discussions when you both feel calm and ready.



Keep dating:

Never quit dating because you got married. Keep enjoying your new life and enjoy your happy moments.

Social life:

Getting married does not mean to isolate yourself from your friends and previous activities. Spend some time with your friends. Keep your social activities alive.



Enjoy your life:

When you get married you do not want to lose your identity and interest in life. Have some fun with each other. Laugh together and accept each other. Be fun to live with.


House work:

This is a common problem that faces every newly married couple. Sharing together housework chores is a good idea. This will decrease the heavy load between both of you. It is new life responsibilities that both man and woman should participate in.



 Marriage is a new stage that includes romance, excitement and new duties. It will not be easy in the beginning to cope with marriage, but at the end you will learn new things and experiences. You have to work on making your marriage succeed. By the time, you will be able to build a strong and healthy foundation for your life.


By: YWG Team