Wedding Rules You Can Break

There are wedding traditions we got to know and stick to them for many years. We got used to call them wedding etiquettes. Every bride-to-be may think that she can’t break these rules as they are old traditions and they are a MUST. These days there are many new wedding traditions that can make you be able to personalize your own wedding. Here are some of the rules that you can break in your big day.




Family Tradition Rule:

It is okay to stick to your own choice and not do the same tradition as your family used to do. This is your own wedding. If you and your groom want to try something new, you can go for it.


Wedding Cake Rule:

Wedding cake can be anything else than a cake. You can choose what you want it to be. You can choose a delicious tower of cookies or doughnuts. You can also opt for dessert bars and it is not an obligation to choose a cake.



Wedding Flowers Rule:

If you do not want to hold floral bouquet, it is okay to break this rule. Some brides may not prefer to hold flowers. You can hold balloons, paper flowers or anything else you want.


Bridesmaids Dress Rule:

This is an old tradition that all bridesmaids SHOULD wear the same dress. Now you can give your bridesmaids the choice to pick the dresses that they want to wear. You can still match the colors but in a different styles.



It is all about your choice to do what you want in your wedding. This is your big day. If you want to try something new go for it and enjoy every moment in your wedding.


By: YWG Team