Biggest Wedding Regrets

The wedding day is the most important day for every bride. All brides wish that their big day appear perfect and amazing. They do not want any stress or surprises that they have not arranged for. No matter how perfectly you plan for your wedding, there will always be one thing that you will not feel satisfied about. Some brides shared their big day regrets.



Over stressing:

This is a common problem that many brides had. They were really stressed too much. They preferred if they would just have relaxed and enjoyed every moment.



Not wearing comfortable shoes:

Some brides regret picking amazing shoes but uncomfortable to walk with. If it is a must to wear certain pair of high heels, you should try it first to make your feet get used to them.



Inviting too many people:

Many brides regret inviting many guests. They wished that they have invited only the people that are close to them.




There are various types of photographers these days. Many brides regret not checking the photographer’s portfolio before hiring them. Photography is an art and you have to check your photographers work and see if it fits your style or not.



Not setting a budget:

Many couples regret spending too much money by the end of the wedding. They spent money more than they ever wanted. They wished they have planned for this.




At the end the wedding planning is not easy and is not a perfect process. Every bride decides something and then she may regret it later. That does not mean that your decision was bad, but it happens to get some issues not done as you wished. Do not get stressed over that. Just let someone help you. Make your wedding planner take the tasks and do them through their huge experience in this field. Try to enjoy every moment as much as you can.


By: YWG Team