Wedding Theme Ideas for 2017

If you are planning for your wedding, you should know the hottest wedding theme trends for 2017. You can get your wedding inspiration from these latest trends which are stunning.




This is the latest trend for 2017. The garden wedding is very chic. It adds more elegance to your wedding as it is inspired by nature. This unique trend is perfect for spring weddings.




The vintage wedding trend has been on the go for many years and it is still going strong in 2017 as many people prefer this wedding theme. It adds to the wedding the sense of nostalgia. Vintage weddings never go out of fashion.




This creative wedding idea is very trendy in 2017. You can DIY yourself for your wedding. This wedding trend looks fresh and elegant at the same time. This can include watercolor invitations or wedding menus.



Fairy Tale:

This is the most classic wedding theme which is very trendy and the most romantic at the same time. If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day and looking for dreamy and magical wedding ideas, this wedding trend is perfect for you.



Wedding themes come in different styles. Go for the one that fits your way according to your favorite color and style. There are many wedding trends that you will love as they add sophisticated look for your wedding day.


By: YWG Team