Tips for Brides Who Want to Do their Own Makeup

If you are getting married soon, you may be thinking about your makeup that will give you the perfect look. Although all brides hire a makeup artist for their wedding day, some prefer to do the wedding makeup themselves. Doing your own makeup for your wedding is an exciting idea especially if you know how to reveal your best facial features. If you want to do your wedding makeup by yourself, you have to take some important tips into consideration.



Do a Makeup Trial:

You should start early and try out your makeup look before your big day. This will make you able to change anything that you do not like in your makeup style.

Look For “long lasting” Products:

Long lasting makeup products are the best choice for you as you will need to apply your makeup early in order to get ready for your wedding photo sessions. These products will keep in place throughout the day.



Moisturize Your Skin Before Applying Your Makeup:

If you want to be free of wrinkles on your big day, you have to apply your facial moisturizer before you do your own makeup. Surely you do not want the makeup to settle into your fine lines and make you appear older.

Apply a Primer on Your Face:

Applying primer before foundation is important to keep your makeup in place. After moisturizing go for the next step and apply your makeup primer all over your face.

Matching Color:

Choose the blush color that complements your skin tone. Also go for the lipstick color that adds more beauty to your skin and matches your skin tone.


Blending is the most important step while applying your makeup. Blending should include your face, neck and chest. If you forget to do this step, this will appear clearly in photos.



After applying your makeup you can add the glow to your look by using a shimmery cream highlighter. You can apply it on the top of your cheekbones and over the brow bones. Make sure the makeup style you choose will compliment your wedding dress. Your wedding day is going to be one the most memorable days of your life. By using these tips you will be on your way to create a beautiful look for your wedding day and any other special occasion. 


By: YWG Team