How to Match Your Bridal Shoes to Your Wedding Gown

When it comes to choosing your wedding shoes, you should consider many things. First you have to select your wedding gown that completes your perfect look. A fabulous wedding dress deserves an equally fabulous pair of shoes. Know how to match your bridal shoes to your wedding dress through these tips.



The Style of Your Dress:

You have to pick first the style of your dress, for example if you are wearing a vintage style you have to choose the style of your bridal shoes that matches this dress.

The Fabric of Your Shoes:

The fabric of your shoes should be as good as the fabric of your wedding gown. It should complement the material of your gown. The fabric should also match the wedding gown in material. For example if your gown is made of silk, a silk pump or sandal would definitely work

The heels:

You should also take note of the heels. If you will not feel comfortable in wearing high heels, there are lower heels that will still compliment the wedding dress.



Some brides do not realize the importance of choosing the right shoes for the right wedding dress. Wedding shoes comes in many designs, materials and brands. The most important thing is to pick the shoes that match your wedding gown. Remember that the main thing to consider when choosing your wedding shoes is the comfort. Go for the shoes that you feel comfortable in and also will compliment your wedding gown style.


By: YWG Team